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Bulletproof glass has a long history that dates back to 1625 when it was accidentally discovered that molten glass that had been rapidly cooled could withstand a forceful blow from a hammer” – said the senior technician  Today bullet proof glass is found in a number of places most notable in the construction of automobiles. There are hundreds of patents that cover the various uses and forms of bulletproof which include the types of vehicles they are specialized for. From presidential cars to military grade tanks, bulletproof glass has been implemented to provide additional safety and security for many political and import people.

Brief History of Bulletproof Glass

While indestructible glass was first recorded in the 1620’s it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that bullet proof glass was unintentionally invented. Edouard Benedictus, a French Chemist accidentally discovered bulletproof glasses when he dropped a beaker that was coated in a plastic nitrate while the beaker cracked it did not break. Six years after this incident he created the first bulletproof laminated glass.

The discovery of bullet proof glass was first utilized in WWI The eyeholes of gas masks, as well as fighter plane windows, were constructed with bullet proof or bullet resistant glass. In the 1920’s bullet proof glass become a common fixture in bank interiors. The glass was placed in front of the bank teller stations and a voice transmission system was used so teller and patron could communicate with one another.

In 1930, the first automobiles were designed with bullet proof glass This was limited to the more expensive automobile since at the time manufacturing the bullet proof glass was a highly expensive process. It was during the 1930’s that bullet proof glass was being used in security and safety vehicles.

Today bullet proof glass is commonly found in a number of government cars, military vehicles and used in high-risk areas. Most vehicles that utilize bullet proof glass systems tend to incorporate and armor plates into the panels of the body of the car or SUV which results in the car weighing significantly more than standard vehicles. Most of the bulletproof glass used in high-security vehicles tend to be made from a polycarbonate thermoplastic that is laminated. This tempered type of glass is able to withstand bullets that would typically shatter standard automobile windshields.

Modern bullet proof glass is created by layering the bulletproof material into a sturdy and secure windshield. While it can effectively withstand multiple bullet shots it will eventually crack, or shatter over time. New steps are being taken to discover a much sturdier alternative to the traditional bulletproof glass. Many researchers from around the world are beginning to look to nature to find a sturdier and reliable material to use as bulletproof windshields. While some discoveries have been made for potential alternatives the issue of these findings lies in being able to reproduce the results on a much larger scale such as windshields.

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