Buddy Booby's Birthmark

link to birthmark.org

The first children's book of its kind--
Created by a child with a birthmark, based on real-life experiences.

By Evan Ducker and Donna Cardenia Ducker

Foreword by Hannah Storm, Award-winning Television Journalist & Author
Illustrator: Mike Motz

Together we have the power to educate and increase tolerance!

Journey to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where the native animals just cannot stop talking about Buddy, a newly hatched, red-footed booby bird, born with a birthmark.

Because Buddy is different, he and his mother Isabela are not exactly welcomed with open arms. However, that does not stop Buddy from being himself and, in the process, teaching the elders some valuable lessons about tolerance, friendship, self-acceptance, and what really matters in life!When a mysterious Galapagos sea hawk offers to grant Buddy a wish, everyone is sure he will decide to have his birthmark removed. But will he? WOULD YOU?

This imaginative, heart-warming fable has something for everyone. Kids of all ages will love the rhythm and rhyme of the verses; the bold, expressive illustrations; and learning about the unique creature inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands. Adults and educators will welcome the timeless messages of tolerance, self-esteem, and the importance of a strong parent/child bond.

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