Oct 122016

The best option to prevent your home’s gutters from getting clogged with debris and leaves is usually to add gutter guards that were specifically created for that purpose. In the latest Consumer Reports review of the best gutter guards on the market today, nearly every option proved to be either “very good” or “excellent” at keeping out debris and protecting gutters from heavy rainfall.

The only problem is that there are so many options on the market, with a wide variety of price points. So where do you start? Here is the trusted opinion of one of the best company in the business  eavestrough repair

First, you’ll want to become familiar with the different types of gutter guards available. There are two main categories – covers and screens. The covers are meant to stand on top of the gutters to prevent debris from getting in. They are made from a wide variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, plastic, wire mesh, nylon, and foam. But most people opt for screens – these are typically made of wire mesh, nylon or foam and are usually both cheaper and easier to assemble. These screens look like pieces of metal with holes in them.

Which leads to the next obvious criterion for selecting a gutter guard for your home: Are you willing to turn this into a DIY home project, or would you prefer to hire a gutter contractor? The main advantage of a DIY home project, of course, is the cost. Most gutter screens are meant to be easily attached either to the gutter itself or the roof shingles (depending on the slope of your roof). The gutter covers, though, usually require the help of a professional.

It is a rule of thumb to best to budget at least $3,000 for a full installation of a gutter guard system if you’re hiring a professional The general pricing guideline is that these systems cost about $20-$30 per foot, so depending on the size of the home, that $3,000 budget might increase in size dramatically if you’re living in a fabulous mansion in one of the best neighborhoods of Toronto

According to the Consumer Reports survey, the three best DIY gutter guard systems are Gutterglove, Amerimax, and Raindrop. Other brands to keep in mind are The Waterfall, Leaf Pro and Raingo Generally speaking, these are all either “very good” or “excellent” at preventing debris and water build up.

Gutterglove, Amerimax, and Raindrop are all screens, while The Waterfall, Leaf Pro and Raingo are all surface tension gutter guards. Regarding price, they can range dramatically, with the Amerimax systems coming in at the cheapest ($0.30 per foot) and the Gutterglove systems coming in at the most expensive ($8.95 per foot). If you need a contractor to help with these guards, expect to budget another $100-$150 for their time and labor.

The prices shoot up dramatically from there, once you move into the “professional” gutter guards. The top systems, as rated by Consumer Reports, were Leaf Filter ($20/foot), Gutter Topper ($23/foot), Leaf Guard ($30/foot) and Waterloov ($20/foot). Other top brands include K-Guard and Gutter Helmet.

Keep in mind – with the exception of Leaf Filter, these pro gutter guard systems are all surface tension systems and are more visible from a distance than screens are. If the aesthetics of your home’s exterior are important to you, this is definitely something that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Ultimately, while the cost of a gutter guard system can be expensive upfront, it can save you more money down the road and can ease the annual task of cleaning out the gutters. Often, if you go to a major home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, they’ll be able to connect you with a home contractor with top references. If you’re not sure about going the DIY route, this might be the best option.

May 262016

Auto glass repair services are needed for many instances. You are driving down the road, listening to music and minding your business when you suddenly have a stone kicking up from the road and hitting your car glass, leaving a big crack on it. You are distressed about the whole event particularly when thinking about the costs of repair. You are also thinking about the money you will have to spend on the glass repair. However, in this case, if you had an auto glass repair service, your life would’ve been made really easy.

Contrarily, another story of where the auto glass repair service came to the rescue was in the case of Danny, a vet doctor, who received an emergency call from his clients. He had to go to the client’s place in Burlington and when he went to the client’s house, he took care of a sick puppy and got it fixed. However, walking outside, he saw the car window smashed and his wallet stolen. The house owner however, made a brilliant move by calling the best auto glass repair mobile service – Auto Glass Repair Burlington – to come out and get the car window fixed right there and then, making the doctor happy and allowing him to go home on his own car within an hour.

These two are classic examples of how auto glass repair services have come to the rescue and helped people right in that very instant.

When it comes to auto glass repair services, it is important to note that there are five different types namely windshield repair, broken windshield, chip repair, cracked windshield repair and windshield scratch repair.

Windshield Repair

The windshield repair is an essential service and pushes the auto glass repair professional to repair the windshield for minor damages and breakages.

Broken Windshield

If you have a broken windshield, an expert serviceman can come and repair it for you rather than you replacing it. This is both a time saving and cost effective option

Chip Repair

Chip repair is another common occurrence and something auto glass repair service providers do. It is again a time effective process and it is performed in a less amount of time.

Cracked Windshield Repair

Cracked windshield is dangerous particularly if you are going on a long journey Cracked windshields break down into pieces easily and can injure the driver and other passengers. Therefore, cracked windshields have to be replaced and repaired and an auto glass service provider can do it for you.

Windshield Scratch Repair

Lastly, scratched windshields are also equally dangerous and scratches can impair your vision and result in big mishaps. An auto glass repair service provider can help in repairing the windshield scratch.

Thus, in conclusion, there are many benefits of an auto glass repair service provider. They provide instant fixes and remedies and help in fixing car damages that would otherwise take forever to be fixed. Auto glass repair service providers can be of great assistance during times of need. They are prompt, they are cost effective and they are miraculous in times of need.

May 202016

Bulletproof glass has a long history that dates back to 1625 when it was accidentally discovered that molten glass that had been rapidly cooled could withstand a forceful blow from a hammer” – said the senior technician atautoglass-mississauga.com  Today bullet proof glass is found in a number of places most notable in the construction of automobiles. There are hundreds of patents that cover the various uses and forms of bulletproof which include the types of vehicles they are specialized for. From presidential cars to military grade tanks, bulletproof glass has been implemented to provide additional safety and security for many political and import people.

Brief History of Bulletproof Glass

While indestructible glass was first recorded in the 1620’s it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that bullet proof glass was unintentionally invented. Edouard Benedictus, a French Chemist accidentally discovered bulletproof glasses when he dropped a beaker that was coated in a plastic nitrate while the beaker cracked it did not break. Six years after this incident he created the first bulletproof laminated glass.

The discovery of bullet proof glass was first utilized in WWI The eyeholes of gas masks, as well as fighter plane windows, were constructed with bullet proof or bullet resistant glass. In the 1920’s bullet proof glass become a common fixture in bank interiors. The glass was placed in front of the bank teller stations and a voice transmission system was used so teller and patron could communicate with one another.

In 1930, the first automobiles were designed with bullet proof glass This was limited to the more expensive automobile since at the time manufacturing the bullet proof glass was a highly expensive process. It was during the 1930’s that bullet proof glass was being used in security and safety vehicles.

Today bullet proof glass is commonly found in a number of government cars, military vehicles and used in high-risk areas. Most vehicles that utilize bullet proof glass systems tend to incorporate and armor plates into the panels of the body of the car or SUV which results in the car weighing significantly more than standard vehicles. Most of the bulletproof glass used in high-security vehicles tend to be made from a polycarbonate thermoplastic that is laminated. This tempered type of glass is able to withstand bullets that would typically shatter standard automobile windshields.

Modern bullet proof glass is created by layering the bulletproof material into a sturdy and secure windshield. While it can effectively withstand multiple bullet shots it will eventually crack, or shatter over time. New steps are being taken to discover a much sturdier alternative to the traditional bulletproof glass. Many researchers from around the world are beginning to look to nature to find a sturdier and reliable material to use as bulletproof windshields. While some discoveries have been made for potential alternatives the issue of these findings lies in being able to reproduce the results on a much larger scale such as windshields.

China has done it again...

China has done it again…

Your Buddy news today is about China has officially shut down Apple in Beijing and other cities. No iPhone, no iTune, no Apple stores. It is unclear what was the cause of this madness since China has always explain and gives reason to the world why it does what it does…right? But nevertheless this is […]